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The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain

Chapter book. Tax included.

Author: Chris Priestley

Harry Woods joins the RAF during WWII, battling the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. England, 1941. Sometimes I can't remember a time when I didn't have the roar of engines or rattle of machine-guns ringing in my ears. Sometimes it feels as though I've been a fighter pilot all my life -- that I had no life before the RAF, before the War, before the Battle of Britain. But I did. Of course I did. Once I was just Harry Woods, a kid like any other kid. And I suppose that's when my story really begins... Harry joins the RAF to protect his country, only to be called a coward by those who do not understand the battles raging in the air above. He loses friends and nearly loses his life when his plane goes down in the Channel.

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