Sell & Donate Your Used Books

Located in the GTA?

We buy used kid's books for babies to preteens. Contact us with a general description of titles available for purchase and we will contact you ASAP.

Drop off in Newmarket or Whitby in Ontario, or contact us for pickup and shipping options.

We also accept donations!

Click here to see our current Buy List.

Books must be free from stains, water damage, ripped pages, stickers, and writing (names on the first few pages are acceptable.)

Here is the general process:

  1. Drop off your books at one of your two locations in Newmarket and Whitby.
  2. Books will be reviewed (2-10 minutes depending on number of books.)
  3. We pay $0.50-$2 cash per book, or $1-$2.50 in store credit.
  4. Any remaining books due to damage or low interest, can be donated to us which are donated back to the community.


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